Contract Management

  • Technical/economical contract management in cooperation with legal contract management by experienced building and construction lawyers
  • Documentation of the contract status, progress tracking and implementing of feasibility studies
  • Support and consulting during contract preparing and processing
  • Analyses of existing contracts
  • Support and consulting of contract relevant correspondence
  • Application of own developed special software

Claims Management

  • Complete claim processing services
  • Project organisation for claims management
  • Generating/checking of claims due to changed and additional work considering cause and amount at the entire construction area
  • Valuation of claims in the areas of delay of construction time, obstruction, interruption, insufficient work and claims for damages
  • Recording, checking and negotiating of claims
  • Resutlts as an expertise of a public sworn in and certified expert

Project Management

  • Project Management (DVP, GPM, IPMA, PMI, etc.)
  • Integration Management, Time Management, Scope Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Communications Management
  • Risk Management (risk analyses, scenarios and prognoses, project reorganization, task forces, etc)
  • Bank Engineering (investcontrolling national and international, consulting)
  • Project Controlling (controlling of tendering processes, budget controlling, schedule reviews, quality controlling, etc.)
  • Real Estate Rating (single and portfolio analyses, consulting, implementation, etc.)
  • Contract Management (procurement management, national and international, e. g. FIDIC)
  • Preparation and Management of award procedures
  • Investors Consulting (building permit, budget, qualities, etc.)
  • Consulting in project development (site analyses, concept analyses, management of competitive procedures, etc.)

Expertises in Construction Management and Economics

Expertises of public sworn in and certified experts.

  • Accounting in construction industry (according to VOB, contractual regulations, etc.)
  • Tendering, procurement procedures
  • Claims and change orders
  • Compensation for damages, obstructions, delays, adequate compensation (BGB)
  • Deficiencies, qualities
  • Sequence of construction and completion

Construction Management Consulting

  • Consulting in construction operation for project preparation and implementation
  • Consulting and management of all kind of construction procedures
  • Preparation and management of taking over procedures
  • Evalution of pricing and usages
  • Consulting in construction operation for designing of contracts (design contracts, construction contracts)
  • Analyses and Support of contract relevant correspondence
  • Consulting in all areas of construction operation (tendering, bidding, ordering, implementation, invoicing, etc.)
  • Public and private building law consulting by experienced cooperation lawyers

Legal Services

  • Services according to §5 RDG
  • Management of receibables, extrajudicial recovery of unchallenged claims, collection procedure, distraint
  • Evaluation of chances of success in litigation procedures, national and international
  • Professional realization of mediations, arbitrations, dispute adjudications, legal proceedings, national and international
  • Consulting during litigation, national and international
  • All services in cooperation with/by experienced lawyers or lawyers of your choice
  • Consulting in financing of legal actions
  • National and international proceedings

Insolvency Management

  • Project review and project administration with specialized software tools (PROCON database)
  • Project and performance evaluation
  • Project controlling, temporary project leadership, task forces
  • Project accounting and evaluation of assigned debts
  • Claims Management, support in collection of assigned debts
  • Experiences in large-scale insolvencies and joint venture (consortium) topics

Conservation of Evidence / Structural Damages

  • Conservation of Evidence for all kinds of building structures – existing and under construction – such as residential, commercial, industrial, high rise, retail, etc.
  • Expertises for structure damages of all kinds, assessment and evaluation
  • Design of reconstruction concepts
  • Cost estimation of reconstruction concepts
  • Preparation and management of taking over procedures
  • Results as an expertise of an public sworn in and certified expert

Structural Stability / Structure Planning

  • Expertises for all kind of load bearing structures by public sworn in and certified experts
  • Consulting in structures and stability by test engineers and public certified engineers
  • Stability checks of load bearing systems
  • Design, planning and site/construction supervision

Building Services / Energy Consulting

  • Design of all kind of building services (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, plumping, etc.)
  • Consulting in all kind of building services (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, plumping, technics, accounting, change orders, claims, etc.)
  • Green Building concepts, energy consulting, energy concepts, optimization (LEED, etc.)
  • Thermal insulation concepts
  • Management of deficiencies/reconstruction and preparation and management of taking over procedures
  • Results as an expertise of an public sworn in and certified expert

Valuation / Due Diligence

  • Valuation of all kind of land and projects
  • Valuation of rental values
  • Valuation of portfolios, analyses of maintenance, repair and improvements
  • Results as an expertise of an public sworn in and certified expert

Geotechnics and Environmental Engineering

  • Expertises and Consulting (by public sworn in and certified experts)
  • Consulting in foundation, soil investigation

Training Services

For all kind of construction management and contractual topics, e. g.:

  • Tender procedures, procurement (VOB/A, SKR) and construction contracting (VOB/B)
  • Claims Management
  • Contract Management
  • Cost calculation, pricing, accounting
  • Cost Planning
  • Special topics on customer's request

Einschaltung von fachkundigen Referenten je nach Themengebiet.

Other Services /Miscellaneous

  • More about Expertises and Consulting and Services in the entire field of construction on request